A Look at Kiwi Fruit Benefits and Nutrition

Kiwi fruit benefits and nutrition are now being well documented by researchers studying the abundant nutrients contained by this fruit. Ongoing research has concluded that kiwi fruit contains an enormous concentration of a variety of important vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes. Furthermore, kiwi fruit also contains a healthy concentration of soluble fiber. All of these elements combine to create a complete nutrient source within a single fruit.

As you might imagine, each of the nutrients contained in kiwi fruit offers a specific benefit for one’s health. For example, kiwi fruit has a very high concentration of vitamin C. This on its own might not be that surprising but what is startling is the amount of vitamin C contained by this fruit.

There is actually more vitamin C in a single kiwi fruit than can be obtain in the equivalent amount of an orange. Vitamin C is important for boosting your immunity, protecting you from illness and disease and promoting healing in wounds. In addition, vitamin C can help to prevent a variety of skin conditions related to the aging process. Kiwi fruit is also high in vitamin E that can help to improve the health and condition of one’s skin.

Research has also shown that the flavonoids and carotenoids found in kiwi fruit arre important in fighting a variety of inflammatory conditions such as wheezing, bronchial asthma and gout. It can also help to reduce pain and swelling that might be related to these conditions.

The soluble fiber contained in kiwi fruit has a variety of nutritional benefits as well. One of the more well known benefits of the fiber in kiwi fruit is related to improved digestion.

Not only does this fiber help to keep the digestive system regulated but can also help to treat recurrent diarrhea and even clear the colon of dangerous toxins and protect against colon cancer. There are also many other health and nutrition benefits of this fiber as well, including the ability to stabilize blood sugars, which can help in lowering the effects of diabetes.

The potassium content of kiwi fruit is known for regulating blood pressure and even reducing the risk of heart related conditions, including heart attacks.

Many people often think of orange colored vegetables and fruits as being important for boosting eye health; however, research has now found there are eye health nutritional benefits associated with kiwi fruit as well. This is due to the variety of carotenoids found in this fruit, including zeaxanthin and lutein. These compounds are essential for protecting against vision loss associated with aging.

Kiwi fruit benefits and nutrition are absolutely astounding considering the rather unassuming appearance of this fuzzy brown fruit with its green fleshy interior. To obtain the many nutritional benefits of kiwi fruit, you could add a kiwi fruit or two per day to your diet, but you can also benefit from a high quality kiwi fruit health supplement.