Thyroid Biopsy Procedure – What is it?

Fine Needle and Open Biopsy Procedure

The thyroid is a problem that affects major part of the population of the world. It mostly affects women more than men. During a thyroid biopsy the tissue is removed from the thyroid gland. It is then given for microscopic examination to ascertain any problems. It will help you to know whether the tissue is cancerous or not. If it is, then you have to take some steps to rectify the problems.

You will find the thyroid gland below your wind pipe. There are two types of thyroid biopsy that is done. They are fine needle biopsy and open biopsy. In the first method, the doctor will insert a very fine needle in your thyroid gland and take out the tissue. Many doctors feel that this method of taking biopsy is much better than open biopsy. But each doctor has their own set of preferences. The open method of biopsy is kept as a last resort. It is mostly done when the other methods to take the tissue have failed. It is mostly done by making a cut in your skin. Through this cut, it is possible to see the thyroid gland. If you have a lump in your thyroid gland, then you should definitely get a biopsy done. It is important to ascertain the cause of the lump. If you stand in front of the mirror and see something abnormal in your neck, then you should get a thyroid biopsy done. You will also experience swallowing problems if you have thyroid problems.

Reasons for thyroid problems

You should always be honest about your problems in front of your doctor. You should not hide anything from your doctor. If you do that, then they will not be able to ascertain the cause of the problems. Thyroid biopsy is the only way to find out if you are having problems with your thyroid gland. If you have been taking medicines, then you should tell your doctor about them. You should also let the doctor know the dosage that you have been consuming. Some people are allergic to certain medication. This has to be conveyed to your doctor before thyroid biopsy. you should also be aware of the thyroid biopsy procedure. Some people find it very difficult to bear thyroid biopsy pain.

Thyroid biopsy procedure

You should be well prepared for the thyroid biopsy procedure. Needle biopsy is relatively simpler than open biopsy. You will be awake during the entire procedure of needle biopsy. Many people prefer thyroid needle biopsy due to this fact. If you are going in for an open biopsy procedure, then you should not eat or drink anything for at least 10 hours. Your stomach should be empty during thyroid biopsy procedure. You should not eat junk food also before the biopsy procedure. This will ensure that your system remains relatively clean during thyroid biopsy procedure. You should not have any kind of jewelry on your body during thyroid biopsy procedure.  You should also be aware of the risks involved in the thyroid biopsy procedure. This will help you to know what to expect during the process.